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Biggest books in the world

Here are three examples of really big books. While the first is modern and is more of a gimmick than a book meant for reading, the other two are very real: it concerns a choir book from the 16th century (middle) and the famous Klencke Atlas from the same century (lower image). While they are rare, such large specimens, they do represent a tradition. Choir books, for example, needed to be big because they were used by a half circle of singers gathered around it in a church setting. If you are impressed with the size of these objects, just imagine turning their pages!

Pics: more info about big books in this post in my project blog (source of top two pics); the lower one features in this Tumblr post I wrote a while back.

Wow – what an amazing summer!  I just have to say: teens - you’re
awesome!  I’d like to congratulate all the teens who registered for and
completed the Teen Summer Reading Program.  It was a fun summer and I’m already looking forward to next year.

Hopefully you’ve checked out some of the Teens’ Top Ten nominations this summer.  The Teens’ Top Ten is one of my favorite booklists because the books are nominated and voted on by teens!  Voting opens August 15 and
continues through early October, when the top ten are announced during Teen Read Week.  We have all the nominated books, so there’s still time to read a few if you

Just A Reminder

Just a reminder-

-          The Library is showing “Heaven is For Real” on Monday, August 11 @ 7:00 PM. Registration required.

-          On Saturday, August 23 @ 3:00 PM we have author, humorist, and bereavement councilor, Joy Johnson, to discuss her “B.O.O.B Girl” (Burned.Out.Old.Broads.) book series. The books are about four women who “escape” their retirement community in Omaha, Nebraska looking for (and finding) an adventure. Very funny books endorsed by the famous comedian Phyllis Diller. No registration necessary. Free Cookies!

-          We are showing the musical version of “Goodbye, Mr. Chips” starring Peter O’Toole on August 25 @ 6:30 PM. Registration required.

-          Finally, sign-up to read Mary Shelley’s “Frankenstein”. We will be discussing the book and watching the movie on Oct. 27. You can register to read the book or watch the movie – or both.

August Adult Programs at Spencer Public Library


August 4 @ 6:30 PM - DIY Club at Spencer Public Library –Door Wreaths– Join the Spencer Public Library as we make door wreaths out of twine, yarn, ribbon or duct tape. Fun to do and free! Registration is required. Please call 580-7290 or sign-up at the front desk.

August 11 @ 7:00 PM “Movie Night” at Spencer Public Library – “Heaven is For Real” starring Greg Kinnear is an uplifting story about a young boy and his experience in Heaven.  Free popcorn! Reservations encouraged. For more information please call Spencer Public Library at 580-7290.

August 23 @ 3:00 PM – Author and Humorist Joy Johnson at Spencer Public Library – Joy Johnson, author of the comedy-mystery series, “The Boob Girls: The Burned Out Broads of Table 12” will be speaking and signing books. For more information call 580-7290.

August 25 –Book To Movie at Spencer Public Library –Watch the movie “Goodbye, Mr. Chips” starring Peter O’Toole. Mr. Chips finds love and learns to connect with his students and grow as a teacher. Sign-up in Aug. for our next Book To Movie pick, “Frankenstein” by Mary Shelley. Registration Required. For more information call Spencer Public Library @ 580-7290.


August Newsletter Adults


                Sadly, the 2013 Adult Summer Reading Program has come to an end, but we have plenty of fun programs planned for adults in the months to come. The “D.I.Y Club” will be making door wreaths out of yarn, twine, ribbon, or duct tape. Door wreaths can be made from many different materials to suit everybody’s style and sense of taste.  Registration required.

            For August we will be watching the movie “Heaven is For Real” starring Greg Kinnear. Based on the #1 New York Times best-selling book by Todd Burpo, “Heaven is For Real” is the story of a young boy, Colton, as he recounts the details of his journey to Heaven, and of his father, who must find the courage and conviction to share his son’s extraordinary, life-changing experience with the world. Registration is required.

Joy Johnson, Omaha humorist and author of five comedy-mystery books will be speaking in spencer! Her books, “The Boob Girls: The Burned Out Broads of Table 12”, follow four retired, wacky, widows who meet daily at Table 12 in Meadow Lakes Retirement Community. Together they find adventure, romance, mystery, and prove there is life after grief.

 “I think older women, the seasoned Nancy Drews in our lives, are beautiful and not just spiritually or emotionally but physically. Just look at us. Our faces are chiseled by tears and laughter. Our hair is blown thin and white by winds of experience and there is so much knowledge and wisdom in our heads they can’t hold it all so it trickles down through the rest of our bodies and that’s why we get thicker as we age.” Joy Johnson

“The Boob Girls” are endorsed by the famous and delightfully funny, Phyllis Diller. You can check-out “The Boob Girl” books at the library. So get ready for some conversation and lots of laughs!

August is our one year anniversary of our Book To Movie Club at the library. We have read and seen a variety of different books and movies including “About a Boy”, “Cat on a Hot Tin Roof”, and “2001: A Space Odyssey”. We will end the season with “Goodbye, Mr. Chips” by James Hilton; a book about an English school master reminiscing about his teaching career. We’ve tackled comedies, romances, and now a musical! We will be reading and watching many other exciting books and movies this year so, join us either by reading the book, watching the movie, or both. Our next book is “Frankenstein” by Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley and sign-up is happening in August. We will read it in September and watch the movie, just in time for Halloween, in October. Registration required.

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