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Did you miss our “How To Predict Your Own Weather” program? Great news! The presentation is available on DVD and can be checked out from the library!
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Did you miss our “How To Predict Your Own Weather” program? Great news! The presentation is available on DVD and can be checked out from the library!

11:00—The Secret of the Cardboard Rocket (recommended grades-preK to 2nd): Climb aboard a magical cardboard rocket with 2 young adventurers  and experience a breathtaking, up-close look at each of our solar system’s planets. 


12:00—Earth’s Wild Ride (K-5th): What would it be like to live on a lunar colony and to dream of visiting Earth?  Experience the heart-pounding exhilaration of a water canyon ride and an erupting volcano,      venture through and Ice Age scene with a giant Wooly Mammoth and to the time of the dinosaurs during a major meteor shower!


12:30—Secrets of the Dead Sea (3rd-8th): In this show, the Dead Sea comes alive through stories       preserved in its cliffs, caves, and in the stars overhead.  Ancient scrolls chronicle the passage of time by motions of the Sun and Moon, while rock and sand preserve a living record of a place as timeless as the star patterns above.


1:00—Future Moon (4th-8th): We are taken back to the Apollo mission and man’s first wondrous steps on the Moon!  What could a lunar colony look like?  How would it feel to live on the Moon?  Learn all about NASA’s amazing plans, as we follow along through our past, the present, and what the future may hold!


1:30—Cosmic Collisions (5th-8th): This breathtaking space show, narrated by Robert Redford, launches visitors on a thrilling trip through space and time.  Explore cosmic collisions along with hypersonic impacts that drive the dynamic and continuing evolution of the universe.


2:00—Passport to the Universe (3rd-8th): Enjoy the journey through the Solar System, the Milky Way   Galaxy, and to the edge of the observable universe.  Fly beneath the rings of Saturn, into the heart of the Orion Nebula, and back through an amazing black hole.  Experience these and other stunning cosmic destinations as never before!


2:30—Force Five (5th-8th): Earth’s weather can be friend or foe.  Feel Mother Nature’s fury as extreme weather takes center stage in this realistic animated show revealing images not seen by the naked eye due to their life-threatening nature.  Using real footage and NASA based images, ‘Force Five’ producers give the audience a vantage point that would never be safe in the real world.  This show creates a sense of what it would look and feel like if you were standing in the middle of a deadly storm.  Hunker down as you are hit by a Force Five hurricane, tornado, and solar storm. 


3:00—The Dinosaur Prophecy (2nd-4th): Join paleontologists in excavating bones and wondering what killed the mighty dinosaurs.  Be amazed as your favorite giants come to life and meet their catastrophic deaths.  Find out how NASA scientists monitor the Earth for potential disasters!


3:30—Into the Deep (5th-8th): Explore the depths of the ocean!  Dive with the pioneers of deep-sea      research on their journeys of discovery, on the most famous submersibles in history, to come face-to-face with the fascinating creatures that survive where no life was ever expected—Into the Deep!


4:00—Microcosm (5th-8th): In this extraordinary adventure, fly by the carotid artery, explore the eye, brain, ear, and heart, and then shrink into a cell to see the nucleus and DNA. 


4:30—Night of the Titanic (5th-8th): Night of the Titanic shows the unique conditions of Earth and space that, coupled with human error, contributed to the sinking of the ship.


5:00—Sonic Vision (all ages): Rocketing the world, Sonic Vision takes audiences on a fantastic roller-coaster ride through vivid 3-D graphics environments that pulsate to the rhythm of a high-energy music mix featuring today’s most popular bands! 


July Adult Programs at Spencer Public Library


July 1 –Book To Movie at Spencer Public Library –Read the book “Goodbye, Mr. Chips” by James Hilton. A novella that follows a British school teacher through his 43 year tenure, Mr. Chips finds love and learns to connect with his students and grow as a teacher. We will read the book in July and watch the movie in August. Registration Required. For more information call Spencer Public Library @ 580-7290.

July 21 @ 7:00 PM “Movie Night” at Spencer Public Library – “Non-Stop” is a mystery action film starring Liam Neeson and Julianne Moore.  Free popcorn! Reservations encouraged. For more information please call Spencer Public Library at 580-7290.

July 28 @ 6:30 PM - DIY Club at Spencer Public Library –Making Ice Cream– Join the Spencer Public Library as we explore science by making ice cream. Fun to do and a wonderful treat to eat! This is a family friendly program for all ages. Registration is required. Please call 580-7290 or sign-up at the front desk.

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